About a Day in the Life of a Warrior

Well this Blog is a long time coming, 9 years as a matter of fact. See I have a wonderful kid who turned 11 in July of 2015.  At 18 months he was diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism. At 9 ½ years old he was diagnosed with PANDAS Syndrome. Us Moms of Special Needs kids are often referred to has “Warrior Moms” but that really annoys the heck out of me in all honesty. Sure I will take some credit for managing his program efficiently, not being a pussy and fighting for him every day, week, month and year…but you see I am not the real Warrior in this story. He is. FOR SURE HE IS. I’ve named him the “Warrior Kid®” and here on this Blog he will be referred to as such or WK for short.

My intention is to write about the true day in the life of what I deem is someone who is a warrior. Someone who goes to more therapy sessions, doctors appointments, special schools, special sports, medications, IV infusions and the list can go on and on and on. It will be informative, humorous, sad and at times I would imagine make you laugh or cry. Lets start with the fact that I curse A LOT but for the purpose of this blog I am going to try and behave.

I am always ready to lend a hand for anyone whose child is newly diagnosed. Our little Family tries to support some amazing local Charities along the way (see the Giving Back tab). Feel free to comment, share or contact me through the Contact tab if you have any feedback, suggestions or want to hear about something in particular.

Hope you enjoy this Blog and learn a little bit along the way.