Yay for Summer Break….boo for the change in the daily routine!

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June 6, 2016
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August 17, 2016
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Yay for Summer Break….boo for the change in the daily routine!

Hi.  I feel like I crawled, slowly, very slowly over the finish line this past June when school ended.  Holy moly this past year kicked my butt.  As usual the Stud Warrior Kid handled all of his medical issues like a CHAMP (thank goodness), however Mama had a lot of ups and downs.  Anyone else count down the days until school ending and look forward to Summer Break and then realize “holy crap how do I deal with all of the changes in schedule?”  This year it seemed like the change in WK’s schedule was compounded by 100%.  Maybe it’s because he currently has a pretty nutty daily schedule that runs Monday-Sunday and so when almost everything changes days, times, etc…I get overwhelmed because then my personal schedule has to also change.

In preparation of Summer Break and the schedule changes, I print monthly calendars for Warrior Kid and then type in daily what he is going to be doing.  I pin them to his bulletin board in his room so that he can see daily what he has on tap for the day.  This btw doesn’t mean he handles the changes in his schedule well, but at least it helps me explain to him that he doesn’t have Speech on Tuesday’s during Summer only Wednesday’s and that Tue-Thur he is going to Summer Camp, etc.  Literally this Summer every aspect of his weekly schedule changed except his Social Skills and Occupational Therapy sessions.

Separate of printing out the daily/monthly calendars for him, I also talk about what’s on tap the night before so that he does not forget.  WK has a tendency to space out/not remember about details therefore constantly reminding (aka “priming”) him seems to work well.

This Summer he is attending the same outdoor camp as he did last year, however he is attending it full time vs splitting time between there and the local YMCA at his old school.  I opted for him attending the outdoor camp full time because he has come a long way this past year emotionally and maturity wise so I thought it would be a good challenge to see how he would do in a environment with more kids and more outdoor activities (i.e. getting dirty which he doesn’t particularly love:).  Here are a few pictures from camp so far this Summer:

This is the amazing Jessie.  She is a Grad Student at NYU studying for her Occupational Therapy degree.  We are beyond blessed to have found someone so amazing, compassionate, communicative and who truly loves the Warrior Kid.  He loves her back and they are having a blast together at camp.  WK isn’t ready to attend a camp by himself so Jessie acts as a “Shadow” and interjects when he needs some help, etc.


Jesse and WK

This is one of the girls in WK’s Group (they are the Gecko’s) that is “typical” and so friendly to him.  She always is trying to help WK out and really likes hanging out.  She was dressed as Toothless because they had dress up day, however WK wasn’t into dressing up:)

WK and Bella

Yep they even have mini golf at Summer Camp!

Wk mini golf

And they even have an Arcade….here is WK “teaching” one of the younger kids how to play the video game.

WK teaching video game

This is a video of WK climbing the rock wall at camp.  The best part about this is that last Summer he could barely get half way up the wall without having a meltdown…so it is really nice to see him be able to complete the task without many behavioral problems:)

Just to give you an idea of our weekly schedule:

Monday’s (only in July):  Summer School 8:15-2:45 followed by Social Skills and Occupational Therapy.  We finish at 5:20pm.

Tuesday-Thursday:  Summer Camp:  8:30-3 or 4

Wednesday after camp:  Speech 4-5

Friday’s:  Summer School 8:15-2:45 followed by rock school from 4-5

Saturday:  Karate 3-4

Sunday:  Infusion 730-1045

It literally is non stop for this dude which means it is literally non stop for me too.  Eeekkkkk!  Anyhow hope y’all have a great Summer and that you create a ton of awesome memories!  We hope to do the same and of course I will be documenting our adventures here as well as on Instagram (@warriorkidrules)

Please feel free to use the “Warrior Kid Chat Forum” if you would like to post a topic that is important to you.  I find that hearing what others do, how they approach a situation, etc is always helpful in how I shape our program.  You have to remember we have been on Autism Island for almost 11 years now….so like I said in one of my prior posts, I am never getting off the hamster wheel, it just depends how fast the wheel is spinning.

Right when we get into the swing of things with the new Summer schedule it will be time to go back to school.  Oye!

If there is a specific topic you would like me to write about it, please leave a comment here.  I would love to hear what you want!

Much Love,

Warrior Mom

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  1. Avatar Angela Ramirez says:

    You guys rock !!!

  2. Avatar Katrina says:

    It sounds like he (and you) had a full and amazing summer! He is going to love you forever 🙂

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