School starts: time for the no bullying conversation!

Yay for Summer Break….boo for the change in the daily routine!
July 15, 2016
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September 19, 2016
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School starts: time for the no bullying conversation!

Hello!  And poof just like that Summer is over and we are all back to the grind.  Is it just me or did it seem like Summer flew by this year?  Well none the less, I hope you all had a fantastic Summer filled with lots of fun and laughs!  We had a busy busy Summer here.  Warrior Kid went to camp as you all know, followed by surf camp twice and then a long overdue trip to Maui.  We are wrapping up Summer with an overnight at the Disneyland Hotel as WK worked on improving specific behaviors the past 90 days that earned him this trip!

Now that school has started or is starting, I think it is a REALLY important reminder to talk to your children about bullying.  Each year there is going to be a kid who just moved to the area, a kid who has a disability, a kid that is the “nerd” and each year all of these types of kids will get bullied.  The more we prime our kids about this prior to school, during school, after school, all year long, the better chance we have as a society seeing less and less bullying occur.

I must say that the other night WK was watching an age appropriate show (finally) on Nick Teen:  Fred 3, Camp Fred and while he was happily enjoying the musical routine (see video below), something caught my attention.  I had WK rewind the DVR so that I could watch again and I was really disheartened to see yet again the images of the “nerdy” kid being hung by his underwear in the locker room by the “jocks.” I mean seriously Nickelodeon?  You can’t do better than that?  The whole concept of the “jock” bullying the “nerdy” kid dates back to god knows when and it is OLD.  LIKE REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD!

This is the EXACT reason a show like Warrior Kidz is needed…to encourage TV Networks/Producers to present all children with differences in a positive manner.  We don’t need to keep perpetuating the same old thing.  We just don’t.  REALLY REALLY REALLY WE JUST DON’T.


Dear Fellow Producers of Children’s Programming:

STOP IT.  Stop continuing to produce shows that perpetuate bullying.  Change starts with people like you and me.  I am up for the change but the question is are you?  I am unknown Creator and Executive Producer.  You are not.  You have a show on a major Network.  I do not (yet).  I will, but just not yet.  In the meantime while I work hard having meetings and pitching my show, can you please reconsider producing content that perpetuates bullying?  Trust me, I know children watch TV shows to be entertained.  No one wants to watch a message based boring show, BUT we can do better.  We MUST do better.  #thewarriorkidz #warriorkidzcartoon



Please make some time to talk to your kids about being bullied and bullying others.  It’s never a conversation that can be had too many me I have it weekly with WK.  In return, I promise you that I won’t give up on getting Warrior Kidz on a screen!

Wishing you all a positive and happy school year!  Thank you for your support in following A Day In The Life Of A Warrior.

Much Love,

Warrior Mom

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  1. Avatar Angela Ramirez says:

    Your warriors heart inspires me to never give up until you achieve what you set out to do!!

  2. Avatar Katrina says:

    I don’t let Ariana watch shows like that. If I let her watch it, it means I am promoting it. I can’t wait for your show to be on the air…. the world needs it really really bad.

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