Music to my ears, well actually Drums!

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June 1, 2015
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July 9, 2015
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Music to my ears, well actually Drums!

One day I was working out at my old gym while chatting with this ever so friendly guy named Tyler.  He was telling me that he was opening a kids rock school and how I should bring my son.  I explained that WK had Autism but absolutely LOVED music and could memorize lyrics after hearing the song just once or twice.  Tyler convinced me to give it a try and so we did.  What has transpired after that is nothing short of amazing!

The first year WK went to Rock School he was focusing on singing.  He was the real show stopper at their concerts, even performing once at The House of Blues at Disney in CA in front of 500 people.  WK never gets nervous and just goes out there and sings his little heart out like there is no tomorrow.

Unfortunately when WK got diagnosed with PANDAS, I had to pull him out of the performing program because his tics were just too severe at that time.  We ended up taking a break from Rock School that lasted well over a year however about 7 months ago I decided to put him back in rock school but this time focusing more on drums.

WK does a little signing here and there but he has really been focusing hard on learning how to jam on the drums.  The goal is to have WK play and sing at the same time whether that be drums/vocals or keyboard/vocals.  Currently he can only earn the keyboard in his lesson as “free choice” assuming he has been a good listener for his new Teacher.  I would say he earns the keyboard sub 50% at this time…but with that said, WK is having a blast learning how to play the drums to some of his favorite Artists like Bruno Mars and Maroon 5!

Here is a short snip it of WK jamming to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars a few weeks ago.  And yes he is half naked. And yes the week before this, I rolled upstairs and WK was playing his drums completely naked. I cannot make this shit up fyi.  Ha!

Last December we attended our dear Friends Holiday party. They are our former neighbors and just amazing people. Sid, an amazing talent has a band and they performed throughout the night. At the end of their last song I encouraged Warrior Kid to go give Sid a high five and say they did great. Instead WK ran up to the stage and grabbed the mic and said “And the last song tonight is Let It Be.” WK’s Music Teacher happened to be there too so he ran up to the stage and hopped onto the drums while Sid jammed on the keyboard and WK sang Let It Be. Mind you he didn’t remember all of the lyrics because it had been a few years since he sang it last during a concert (actually 3 years ago he sang it at 7 years old during a rock school concert).

WK hopped up on stage, grabbed the mic, sang the song in a rendition he has never practiced or heard before while his Music Teacher was on the drums, Sid on the keyboard and crowd of people who all had tears in their eyes. It was truly an amazing surprise to see my kid so joyful, so proud of himself and doing what he does best….inspiring others. Rock on Warrior Kid!


  1. Avatar Jack Luster says:

    This is so great. It brought back a lot of good memories of me and seeing him playing at the party makes me smile so hard. As always, my love to all of you.

  2. Avatar Christian Hernandez says:

    You and your son are BOTH warriors! Fight on, and rock out!

  3. Avatar Anu says:

    WK singing was the highlight of the party. Tears flowed again as I just watched it. You guys are true heros. Music connects and elevates .. Rock on WK.. The world is your stage and we are your fans!! ❤️❤️

  4. Avatar Sid says:

    This is awesome!!! Always an honor and joy to perform with WK. He is very talented and I’m beyond grateful to know you both!

  5. Avatar Janet Safdeye says:

    He is one awesome young man. You must be so proud! I know I am. He can sing for me anytime.

  6. Avatar Marge says:

    What an amazing job! WK is so talented and I remember, with love and pride, how he stole the show and the
    audience was cheering him on.
    WM, you are the best and so happy you’re back pursuing music again. WK is a natural, his moves are like a dancer and
    his vocals, a lot by memory, amaze me.
    Love you guys and please keep the updates coming.

  7. Avatar Nicole Good says:

    What an inspiration! It is hard enough for those without disabilities to get up in front of anyone mostly because they are blinded by their own fear of rejection. As a singer, I have seen and even felt this my whole life. What people don’t understand is that they just need to get over themselves and let the beauty of the music take them and everyone else in the room to that happy place. People aren’t always looking for the best singers but for that person on stage to make them feel something. WK…makes you feel something for sure…and it is awesome.

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