Lets Go 2017!

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September 19, 2016
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Lets Go 2017!

Hello kind followers of our journey!  First off, Happy New Year (yes I am a few months late) to all of you!  Usually I am so on top of everything but I am not going to lie, this past holiday season kicked my tush.  I attempted to write in November, but Thanksgiving was hectic, followed by a 2 week break from school, Chanukah and Christmas (WK and I celebrate both), New Years and now we are almost in March.  Deep breath. Lots of deep breaths for me lately.

WK decided his New Years resolutions are:

  1. No nail biting
  2. Be independent with the PM routine of showering, etc

So far #1 is NOT happening.  AT ALL.  I love when I walk into his room in the morning to see a box of band aids sitting on his counter.  That’s the “I bit my nails” sign followed with “Mom please don’t be mad at me.” #2 is a slow work in progress but we are close!

My resolutions are as follows:

  1. Write on my blog 1-2x per month consistently
  2. Work diligently on my animated cartoon, Warrior Kidz. It needs to find a home this year!
  3. A few Crossfit/exercise goals (:10 hand stand, ring or bar muscle up, etc)

You guys remember my last post about PANDAS Syndrome and how WK’s tics came back after spending time at Disneyland?  Over the holiday break we decided to try again and see if it was just related to Disneyland (weird, I know) or if his immune system is so compromised that he cannot be in large crowds anymore.  So off we went to Universal Studios for the day.  It was a fun day though I almost barfed multiple times on the 3D rides.  My little experiment ended with WK having belly and eye tics within 4 hours of being at Universal.  The tics eventually subside however it usually takes a few weeks however this time not only did his Tics come back he got Fifths Disease, hence photo below of red cheeks.   This wasn’t his first time getting Fifths Disease however this time it took over 10 days for it to go away.

We successfully had our first sleepover a few weeks ago.  One of the my best friends from college brought her Son over to hang out with WK.  They had fun in the jacuzzi and Gavin slept in WK’s room.  It was really cool to see WK act like a Tween.  They stayed up late, went in the jacuzzi, played a LOT of video games and WK didn’t even wake Gavin up in the morning!

Here are a few photos from the holidays!


Much Love,

Warrior Mom

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