September 28, 2015

Well now that the kids are back in school…..lets address bullying

Everyone of us parents are most likely stoked that their kid (s) are back in school by now. I’m sure everyone is sleeping in, enjoying their coffee and magazine/book in the am, going to exercise, having lunch with friends, shopping……..OH WAIT LETS GET back to reality. Does anyone feel like it’s amazing to spend the Summer with their kid (s) but you get ZERO accomplished that is on your todo list? I currently have a 3 page todo list typed in 12 font broken out by subject matter…and now you may wonder where Warrior Kid gets his OCD from? I […]
September 7, 2015

Back to school aka crawling to the finish line!

Ahhh 3 of my favorite words: “back to school.” Don’t get me wrong, I love WK a lot. LIKE A LOT A LOT A LOT, but I am so incredibly happy Summer is over and he is back to school. All in all WK had a super fun Summer attending 2 different summer camps as well as attending surf camp twice. I am not going to lie, I feel like I am schlepping myself barely over the finish line. We have had such a tough year medically here that the constant driving from here to there, packing WK’s Summer schedule, […]