June 18, 2015

Music to my ears, well actually Drums!

One day I was working out at my old gym while chatting with this ever so friendly guy named Tyler.  He was telling me that he was opening a kids rock school and how I should bring my son.  I explained that WK had Autism but absolutely LOVED music and could memorize lyrics after hearing the song just once or twice.  Tyler convinced me to give it a try and so we did.  What has transpired after that is nothing short of amazing! The first year WK went to Rock School he was focusing on singing.  He was the real show […]
June 1, 2015

WK’s Daily Schedule and it’s enough to make your head explode!

So want to know what consists in “A Day In The Life Of A Warrior?” Yes let me start by saying I know that every Parent leads a busy life. Trying to juggle work, kids, sports, etc. I get it so I am not trying to gain any sympathy here, but I think it is important to share what goes into making WK function at the level he currently is functioning at. WK is a “schedule” kind of guy. In order for him to stay on task he needs a strict schedule and as you will see below, it is […]